Letter to the NCAA & College Athletic Directors on revised CDC Guidance – 4th Campaign

We invite you to take action to amplify our message

No College Mandates

Aug 16, 2022

On August 15, No College Mandates sent a letter (below) to 183 NCAA leaders. In it, we urge them to issue a new recommendation that all colleges remove Covid-19 vaccine mandates for student-athletes based on new CDC guidance. 

We’re asking that you help us with this effort. Here’s how to take action:

  • Please share the letter widely on social media and tag the NCAA. 
  • Look through the list of people (below) who received the letter and identify those who work for your college of interest. Send an email with link to the letter and notify them that you expect them to push the NCAA to recommend that all participating institutions remove vaccine and booster mandates for student-athletes. You can find the list of email addresses of the recipients HERE
  • If your school’s athletic director is not on this list, send them a copy of the letter and urge them to contact the NCAA to ask for new policy.
  • Reach out to any of the NCAA leadership team directly and push them to act.

Our letter to the NCAA on revised CDC guidance

Sent via email

August 15, 2022

Dear Mr. Emmert, all NCAA executives, members of the NCAA Board of Governors, Athletic Directors, and all NCAA Safety Committee members,

We have not received a response to our June 30 letter which was sent to each of you via US mail and email.  We write not to re-state our concerns of that letter, which still hold true today, but to prompt you to act based on new CDC guidance.

You are all undoubtedly aware of the revised CDC guidance issued last week, which states among other things that the unvaccinated now have the same guidance as the vaccinated. We now implore you to make a public statement on your website and across social media with an official NCAA position on COVID-19 vaccine mandates for student-athletes that reflects this updated guidance.

To facilitate the immediate release of new policy, we have drafted the policy position for you. It reads:

“The CDC has revised its guidance and now recognizes natural immunity, the importance of non-discrimination based on vaccine status, and the importance of individual decision-making regarding vaccine uptake.  Therefore, the NCAA is recommending that all participating institutions remove vaccine and booster mandates for all student-athletes.”

Hundreds of thousands of student-athletes are returning to campus in the coming weeks, which is why our request is urgent.  Please publicly announce this position prior to Friday, August 19th. Continued inaction on behalf of the NCAA will certainly lead to ongoing baseless discrimination and unequal treatment of unvaccinated student-athletes, future student-athlete vaccine injuries, and potential lawsuits resulting from both. Inaction will also prompt a general loss of confidence in your governance.

How many of the individuals who receive this email today have the courage to simply “reply all” and state “I support this recommendation”? 

Time is running out to be on the right side of history on this issue. Act now.


No College Mandates

NoCollegeMandates.com is a coalition of thousands of concerned students, parents, professors, staff, and community members working to end college Covid-19 vaccination mandates and restore medical choice on college campuses.

This letter is being sent via email to the stakeholders below:

NCAA Leadership    

Stan Wilcox, Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Scott Bearby, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Brian Hainline, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Felicia Martin, Senior Vice President of Inclusion, Education & Community Engagement

Kathleen McNeely, Senior Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Cari Van Senus, Senior Vice President of Governance, Policy and Human Resources

Bob Williams, Senior Vice President of Communications

Jon Duncan, Vice President of Enforcement

Kevin Lennon, Vice President of Division I

Terri Steeb Gronau, Vice President of Division II

Louise McCleary, Vice President of Division III

Derrick Crawford, Vice President of Hearing Operations

Board of Governors/Division I Board of Directors

Shane Lyons, West Virginia University, Athletic Director

Sean Buck, U.S. Naval Academy

Kelly Damphousse, Arkansas State University, Chancellor

Randy Woodson, North Carolina State University, Chancellor

Rebecca Blank, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chancellor

Geoff Mearns, Ball State University, President

Jere Morehead, University of Georgia, President

Linda Livingstone, Baylor University, President

Michael Schill, University of Oregon, President

David Wilson, Morgan State University, President

Philip Oldham, Tennessee Technological University, President

James Harris, University of San Diego, President

John DeGioia, Georgetown University, President

John Fry, Drexel University, President

Jeri Beggs, Illinois State University, FAR

Christopher Pietruszkiewicz, University of Evansville, President

Guy Bailey, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, President

Ken Chenault, General Catalyst

Robert Gates, William & Mary

Troy Hammond, North Central College, President

Grant Hill, Atlanta Hawks

Gayle Hutchinson, California State University, Chico, President

James Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Chancellor

Steven Shirley, Minot State University, President

Neal Smatresk, University of North Texas, President

Jim Johnson, Pittsburg State University, AD

Michelle Morgan, John Carroll University, Director of Athletics

Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports

Patrick Chun, Washington State University, AD

Kim Terrell, University of Oregon

Auburn Weisensale, University of Pittsburgh

Pam Hinton-Bruzina, University of Missouri, Columbia

James Houle, The Ohio State University

Luis Feigenbaum, University of Miami

Stephanie Chu, University of Colorado, Boulder

Deena Casiero, University of Connecticut

Buddy Teevens, Dartmouth College

Alan Hirahara, California State University, Sacramento

N. Jeremi Duru, American University

Nadine Mastroleo, Binghamton University

Cody Shimp, St. Bonaventure University

Richard Hendricks, Shorter University

Julie Rochester, Northern Michigan University

Tim Singleton, Wingate University

Wiley Cain, Kentucky Wesleyan College

Douglas Zipp, Ohio Wesleyan University

Michelle Walsh, Vassar College

Nicole Pieart, Lake Forest College

Talia Williams, Carleton College

Bob Colgate, National Federation for State High School Assoc.

Yolanda Malone-Gilbert, Independent

Directors of Athletics

Dave Heeke, University of Arizona

Ray Anderson, Arizona State University

Jim Knowlton, University of California, Berkeley

Martin Jarmond, University of California, Los Angeles

Rick George, University of Colorado

Rob Mullens, University of Oregon

Scott Barnes, Oregon State University

Mike Bohn, University of Southern California

Bernard Muir, Stanford University

Mark Harlan, University of Utah

Jennifer Cohen, University of Washington

Patrick Chun, Washington State University

Scott Stricklin, University of Florida

Josh Brooks, University of Georgia

Mitch Barnhart, University of Kentucky

Desiree Reed-Francois, University of Missouri

Danny White, University of Tennessee

Ray Tanner, University of South Carolina

Candice Storey Lee, Vanderbilt University

Greg Byrne, University of Alabama

Hunter Yurachek, University of Arkansas

Allen Green, Auburn University

Scott Woodward, Louisiana State University

Keith Carter, University of Mississippi

John Cohen, Mississippi State University

Ross Bjork, Texas A&M University

Joe Manhertz, St. Bonaventure University

Gerald Young, Carleton College

Doug Gillin, Appalachian State University

Jared Benko, Georgia Southern University

Charlie Cobb, Georgia State University

Scott McDonald, University of Louisiana Monroe

Joel Erdmann, University of South Alabama

Don Coryell, Texas State University

Brent Jones, Troy University

George Lee, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Tyler Mariucci, California Baptist University

Cindy Goodman, California State University, Bakersfield

Jessica Poole, Chicago State University

Brandon Martin, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Mario Moccia, New Mexico State University

Shaney Fink, Seattle University

Chasse Conque, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Jared Sumsion, Utah Valley University

Brandon Martin, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Mario Moccia, New Mexico State University

Shaney Fink, Seattle University

Chasse Conque, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Jared Sumsion, Utah Valley University

Derrick Gragg, Northwestern University

Mike Bobinski, Purdue University

Chris McInstosh, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Mack Rhoades, Baylor University

Jamie Pollard, Iowa State University

Travis Goff, University of Kansas

Gene Taylor, Kansas State University

Joe Castiglione, University of Oklahoma

Chad Weiberg, Oklahoma State University

Jeremiah Donati, J.D., Texas Christian University

Chris Del Conte, University of Texas at Austin

Kirby Hocutt, Texas Tech University

Shane Lyons, West Virginia University

Randale Richmond, Kent State University

David Saylor, Miami University

Julie Cromer, Ohio University

Bob Moosbrugger, Bowling Green State University

Mark Alnutt, University at Buffalo

Charles Guthrie, University of Akron

Sean Frazier, Northern Illinois University

Amy Folan, Central Michigan University

Bryan Blair, University of Toledo

Beth Goetz, Ball State University

Scott Wetherbee, Eastern Michigan University

Dan Bartholomae, Western Michigan University

John Hartwell, Utah State University

Nathan Pine, US Air Force Academy

Jeramiah Dickey, Boise State University

Tom Burman, University of Wyoming

Joe Parker, Colorado State University

Eddie Nunez, University of New Mexico

John Wicker, San Diego State University

Terry Tummy, Fresno State

Stephanie Rempe, University of Nevada

Jeff Konya, San Jose State University

David Matlin, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Erick Harper, UNLV

Chris Kenny, St Michael’s College

Jeff Purinton, Arkansas State University

Matt Hogue, Coastal Carolina University

Bryan Maggard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Jamie Boggs, Grand Canyon University

Lisa Campos, University of Texas San Antonio